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This album is an anthem for every person.  In spite of our heartaches, trials, pain, and tears, we "may be battered and bruised, but we'll NEVER BE BROKEN."

Meet Nirvana Singh:  The 28-year old exotic Caribbean artist debuts her album Never Be Broken, and she features in it her musical genius as a pianist, vocalist, and songwriter. A child prodigy, Nirvana composed her first song when she was just seven years old, and this auspicious feat marked the beginning of her prodigious songwriting career.

Classically trained by England's prestigious Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), Nirvana's musical talent speaks volumes for itself. Having grown up in the Caribbean and Southern California, her music is a blend of Indian, acoustic, soul, and jazz influences. A UCSD graduate in Graphic Design and Music Production, Nirvana also brings a superior level of maturity and expertise to the production of her album. 

Nirvana has said, "The responsibility of an artist is far greater than to entertain. It is to entertain thoughts, questions, and answers to present circumstances." And she manages to do just this throughout her breathtaking debut album. In fact, her music's vulnerability and passion manages to speak a universal message for all people for all time. From the soulful opening ballads such as Strength Within and Against the Grain, to the closing track 9 Eleven, Singh takes us on a journey of self-discovery and expansion, offering new insight and perspective.

In her debut album, Never Be Broken, Nirvana is clearly a star on the rise.  She is an enchanting singer, a dynamic songwriter, and a compelling poet, and she uses her talents to address the significant social issues of our time.  Additionally, she reveals in her music many personal life experiences that all of us can relate to. "As an artist," Singh reflects," I want my songs to impact people in such a way that they feel inspired to live their best lives. I also want my music to awaken the divine spirit that resides in each and every one of  us. After all, we are all children of God, and we are all destined for greatness."